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Just this side of the law.

Here are links to some of the news stories, forum discussions and sites alerting models to the companies and practices that require you to take a closer look before you hand over your coins.   Because they all seem to operate within the law, they can not truly be called scams - but - when you encounter these, or other offers that seem to capitalize on your dreams and ambitions - stop for a moment, take a good hard look - make sure you understand exactly what you are (and are NOT) getting.  Talk to others, talk to their customers, clients and affiliates - do your home work.  There really are no short cuts - so if it walks like a duck and quacks ......

Remember - If you have a dollar and a dream - there will always be some one there to use that dream - to take your dollar!

They say that any press is good press - so follow the bouncing Emodel.....

The FULL TCT Story

Emodel -> Options -> now Trans Continental
(a horse by any other name would still smell)

FOX TV in Atlanta exposes Options
<click here>

More on Options from WPXI-TV

Emodels (now options)   -> Time News Story

The Better Business Bureau of Orlando on Options

Cashing in on Dreams - The Virginia Pilot

Site dedicate to TCT/Whilelmina Scouts

They are not alone.............................

Hey! These guys will make you a star for only $300
Eyes On You

St. Petersburg Times

Official NYC Consumer Guide to Model/Talent Agencies

One of the best on Scams and Rip-offs

Modeling Agency Scams

Model News (including tips and scam alerts)

Working Models (Safety Tips)

FTC May 1999 report on Modeling Scams
FTC Bogus Talent Scouts <official report>
FTC Audio Feature "Modeling Scams"

Precautionary Guidelines for Fashion Models

A warning from

Something from

Scams aimed at Kids and Adults

Karin Models speaks out

Story on College times

From Peach State Models

9 featured stories from

Advice from Quick Book

Modeling Agency Scams by

A few words from the Plus Models at Venus Divas

(sadly lots of pop-ups on this one)

On line fraud investigations

Western New York Forum's "Banned" list

Austin Silver column "Avoid Modeling Scams"

Child Modeling Scams
by Parenting Magazine

Crimes of Persuasion

Surf Metro featured Story

San Francisco's KRON

NYC Casting Forum Discussion on Options Talent

Class action suit against the NYC Agencies

Modeling Scams Web Site

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